Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannulas

Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannulas

Trocars, Suction tubes and Cannulas

Trocar in its basic form is an instrument equipped with a sharp tip, resembling a pen in shape, which is placed inside a cannula and used to create openings in the surgical site. Trocars manufactured by Surtex Instruments are precision manufactured surgical tools that have found application in both traditional, “open” surgery, and sophisticated laparoscopic procedures.

The wide utilization of our premium trocars spans from facilitating relief from collected fluids with patients suffering from hydrothorax (i.e. after congestive heart failure) to providing guidance to other surgical instruments and ensuring easy handling and patients safety during laparoscopic surgery.

Suction tubes are used during surgery to prevent blood or other bodily fluids from accumulating which may block the surgeons view of the area. Critically these instruments enable the visualization of the surgical site by removing any accumulating fluids. They are used widely in modern medicine, in ambulances, operating theatres and dental surgeries. Suction tubes are commonly attached to a machine which provides suction and can also be used to facilitate breathing for patients with respiratory problems.

Surtex Instruments manufacture a variety of premium quality suction tubes in unique patters to suit the surgical requirement. An array of options such as the popular Fergusson suction tube, Cooley suction tube and Poole suction tube are available in our range in addition to suction tips and handles all available separately as well as complete suction tube sets.

Cannulas are tube-shaped, hollow instruments used in surgery and other procedures. Cannulas are inserted into the body with the purpose of facilitating trocar utilization, delivering fluids, gases or medications or removing bodily fluids such as blood. These tube-shaped instruments are also used in cardiac surgery to construct the cardiopulmonary bypass.In hospitals, most commonly used cannulas are the intravenous ones (i.e. intravenous therapy).Tracheostomy is another significant example of cannula application.  In this procedure a type of cannula, called the trachea tube is inserted into the trachea through the incision made on the anterior side of the neck in order to enable breathing.

A range of expertly crafted cannulas such the Vollmar vessel irrigation cannula or the malleable Schmid vessel irrigation canula form part of the Surtex Instruments product range.