Tonsillectomy & Laryngology Instruments

Tonsillectomy & Laryngology Instruments

Tonsillectomy and Laryngology Instruments

Tonsillectomy involves the removal of the palatine tonsils from their corresponding tonsillar fossae. The palatine tonsils are formed of condensations of lymphoid tissue that can become hypertrophic and susceptible to chronic infections.

Tonsillectomy is considered one of the most common major surgical procedures performed in children and its indications include recurrent tonsillitis, airway obstruction, sleep apnea and peritonsillar abscess. Several techniques are used in tonsillectomy, and all of the techniques use careful dissection in the subcapsular plane followed by meticulous hemostasis at the end of the procedure. Electrocautery appears to have decreased surgery, anesthesia and operating room times, although it requires more post-procedural analgesic doses. Other complications of tonsillectomy are postoperative bleeding and airway compromise. This makes tonsillectomy one of the most critical procedures in otolaryngology, owing to the presence of a shared airway between otolaryngologist and anesthetist, as well as the critical postoperative complications.

Surtex Instruments recognizes the gravity of this procedure, and has taken this into consideration during the design and manufacture of reliable, precise and easy-to-use tonsillectomy instruments. Surtex Instruments design and manufactured a wide range of tonsil dissectors for clean division of the tissues and through cutting tonsil punch forceps that can be used to precisely cut and remove soft tissues during tonsillectomy procedures. We also manufacture a choice of tonsil elevators that are all designed for functionality during the separation of the tonsil from the superior pharyngeal constrictor. We also include in our range tonsil ligators that are reliable in stopping arterial bleeding after tonsillectomy procedures and gauze packers for firm filling of the tonsillar beds. Our tonsil grasping forceps feature ratcheted designs for proper grasping of tonsillar tissue during dissection while allowing the operator freedom to perform other steps of the procedure.

We also manufacture an assortment of tonsil snares with a mixture of latchet choices, that are used to encircle and remove the affected tonsil in some tonsillectomy techniques. For those who choose the Sluder method of tonsillectomy, we manufacture the Sluder-Ballinger Tonsillectome which can be used for prompt engagement and excision of the tonsils.    

Surtex Instruments also designs and manufactures laryngology instruments, which  are  crafted with precision to  help  you  minimize trauma when operating on or near delicate vocal cords during laryngeal surgery, microlaryngeal surgery and phonosurgery. This includes our universal Huber handle that can be fitted with a wide range of  broncho-esophagoscopy forceps tips with a variety of shapes, to be used in grasping tissues or foreign bodies. Surtex Instruments manufacture a comprehensive range of laryngeal and microlaryngeal grasping and punch forceps for grasping biopsies and removing foreign bodies from the supra-glottis and the pyriform fossa without  a direct laryngoscope. Our micro-laryngeal scissors are instruments designed for fine laryngeal surgeries and to cut and remove foreign bodies in the airway.  We also manufacture laryngeal mirrors with a wide range of mirror diameters, profiles and handles.

Surtex Instruments are designed for the highest functionality and comfort of use.  They are manufactured from premium quality surgical grade materials and can be sterilized and reused for years of reliable operation in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.