Thorax & Cardiovascular Surgery

Thorax & Cardiovascular Surgery

Thorax & Cardiovascular Surgery

Thorax and cardiovascular surgery are critical fields of medicine involved in the surgical solution of pathologies where principal targets are organs inside the thorax, such as the heart, lungs, esophagus, thymus and great vessels. Considering the aforementioned, cardiothoracic surgeons diagnose and treat disorders of vital importance which include complex diseases such as lung and bronchial tumors, coarctation of the aorta, vascular deficiencies, aortic aneurysm, congenital heart diseases and even critical trauma patients who have suffered major thorax damage.

Surtex Instruments appreciates the level of care required by these patients and the fact that each cardiothoracic specific surgical procedure demands a large assortment of reliable instruments for enabling the surgeon tooperate effectively.

Our broad range of instruments for  cardiovascular surgery includes Rib Shears designed to atraumatically cut through the chest wall, Rib Spreaders and Retractors which are able to retract the edges of the thorax in order to expose the surgical field and Rib Contractors exceptionally crafted for chest wall closure after the surgical intervention is completed.

Blood vessels belonging to the cardiovascular system provide irrigation to the lungs through the minor blood circulationand to the rest of the of the body’s tissues through the major circulation in order to provide oxygenated blood required for cell metabolism. These extremely delicate structures require atraumatic manipulation, and, considering this, we manufacture a comprehensive vascular instrument line which includes Atrauma Bulldog Clamps specifically manufactured to securely clamp large blood vessels, Atrauma Aortic Clamps which are designed to occlude the thoraco-abdominal aorta artery, Atrauma Coarctation Clamps which are required to clamp the aorta artery during coarctation of the aorta resections and Carotid Shunt Clamps which will aid in the control of the blood flow desired in the carotid artery. Our vascular instrument line also includes Atrauma Hemostatic Forceps, which are used to prevent and control haemorrhage, Atrauma Multipurpose Vascular Clamps especially designed in a wide assortment to clamp multiple types and sizes of blood vessels, Atrauma Peripheral Vascular Clamps utilized to clamp the smallest blood vessels and Atrauma Profunda Clamps exquisitely crafted to perform profundaplasty. Cardiothoracic pathologies are observed in all ages, which include neonatal and pediatric patients in contemplation of this, we offer Atrauma Neonatal and Pediatric Vascular Clamps designed in adequate sizes which allow the surgeon to delicately manipulate the small blood vessels founded in these patients. In certain surgeries, a partial irrigation is required; our Atrauma Tangential Occlusion Clamps are specifically designed to perform this function.

The pulmonary component of cardiothoracic surgery is extremely important, and we make sure to offer instruments such as Lung Spatulas, which aid in the separation and exposure of lung tissue, Bronchus Clamps precisely crafted for clamping the main bronchus without endangering nearby tissue, and Lung Grasping Forceps designed to hold and manipulate large amounts of lung tissue.

For vascular graft procedures our Vascular Tunneling Instruments are suited to fit the cardiothoracic surgeon needs.Our Vascular Dilators and Intima Spatulas are manufactured to explore and manipulate the internal structure of blood vessels.

Our portfolio also includes Fasciotomy Instruments especially manufactured to perform fasciotomy and Ligature Catchers crafted to manipulate sutures within the complex cardiothoracic surgical field.

All our thorax and cardiovascular instruments are precisely manufactured using the finest surgical grade titanium and stainless steel, which results in high-quality non-corrosive tools featured with a delightful satin finish and may be repeatedly autoclaved for prolonged use.