Surtex Instrument Search With New Website for Surgical & Dental Instruments

London, England - 04 Feb 2014

Surtex Instruments a leading provider of surgical instruments and sterilization products, announced today the launch of a new interactive website The new website introduces innovative tools for cross matching competitor codes and high definition product photographs for over 8,000 products in the Surtex product range.

The website has been designed to serve as a tool for instrument buyers to search and identify surgical & dental instruments effortlessly through high definition images and cross comparison codes. This customer orientated approach places the customer in the driving seat with access to quality information available at their fingertips. Customer can use the site login portal to build quotes & cross match all with a few clicks.

"This is a very exciting year for Surtex Instruments. Our objective was to add value to the industry by providing a user-friendly online tool that simplifies searching and identification of surgical & dental instruments and further reinforce our position as an innovative and dynamic force in the instruments business. “Stated Anwar Khaliq, Chief Executive Officer of Surtex Instruments Ltd “We collected feedback from our current website users and used it to help us design the new website. In addition to user friendly search the website also provides technical information about our products, Instrument care and handling tips and detail about the range of services available at Surtex."

Mr Khaliq added, "We have recently also launched our 2014 edition product catalogs which feature more than 8,000 products and are available to download as a web optimized PDF from our website. We hope customers enjoy using these tools as much as we have enjoyed developing them."

About Surtex Instruments Ltd.

Surtex Instruments is a privately owned medical technology company dedicated to innovation and excellence in the crafting of surgical instruments. The company started as a specialist in reconstructive surgery instruments and based on its success and innovative drive gradually expanded to cover a vast range of surgical instruments. We now offer innovative solutions in trauma, gynaecology, cardiovascular, microsurgery and dental surgery.

Surtex Instruments supplies more than 8,000 instruments available through direct sales operation in the UK and a network of distributors worldwide.