Surgical Scissors

Surgical Scissors

Surgical Scissors

Scissors are vital surgical instruments with a broad range of application in surgical procedures and biomedical fields.Surgical scissors are useful in cutting organs, dissecting tissues, removing abnormal or diseased tissues, and cutting and removing bandages, casts, clothing and sutures. Scissors are manufactured in various patterns, shapes and design to suit the intended task for a given surgical procedure.

Surtex scissors are renowned for their X EdgeTM technology enabling user to experience a new dimension in cutting and dissecting performance.

Surtex X EdgeTM unique leading cutting technology allows scissors to self-sharpen as the design ensures the scissor hinge provides spring tension on the two blades so, as they cut material, one blade presses against the other, sharpening the surface as they close. Surtex X EdgeTM scissors permit minimum force but confer maximum cutting strength in all types of soft tissues even after pro-longed use.

In addition to standard X EdgeTM our scissors are available in the following types.

Super EdgeTM Super Cut Scissors

These scissors deliver unbeatable performance when cutting soft tissues because one blade is manufactured with micro-serrations perpendicular to the cutting edge and the other blade has a bevel-honed edge resulting in scissors that cut forward.

The special micro serrations in conjunction with the uniquely ground edges ensure precise, fine and minimally traumatizing cuts. All popular models are available in this finish and identified by black handles.

Ultra CutTM Tungsten Carbide Inserts

These scissors feature carbide inserts a material tougher than stainless steel enabling the scissors to last up to 6 times longer than standard inserts. These scissors are recommended for use in the cutting of cartilage and furr. All popular models are available in this finish and identified by 18K gold plated ring handles.

XTS CutTM Super Cut + Tungsten Carbide Inserts

These are the best scissors in our range and combine features of both  Super EdgeTM & Ultra CutTM featuring a combination of tungsten carbide inserts and special micro serrations to deliver the ultimate in cutting performance.

All popular models are available in this finish and identified by 18K gold plated & black ring handles.

Surtex scissors are known for quality. They are manufactured with the finest stainless steel by master craftsmen.Our scissors come in various sizes, length, curvatures, and blade styles. Surgeons prefer short scissors for cutting surfaces such as skin and fascia, whereas the long scissors are often preferred for deeper dissection. Our premium curved scissors are always the surgeons’ first choice to dissect heavy tissues such as muscles, uterus, and other organs, as the precise curvature of these scissors enables ultimate visualization of structures being dissected. The straight varieties, on the other hand, are used to cut sutures and supplies.Our scissors sizes range from 3 to 12 inches.

To ensure optimum performance where appropriate it is recommended the user should place their thumb and ring fingers into the ergonomic rings and rest the index finger on the perfectly crafted hinge.The index finger of the non-dominant hand is to be placed on the base of the hinge.

Thesuper sharp tips of Surtex scissors should be used to cut tissues rather than the base of the blades. For more accuracy, the non-dominant index finger can be placed near the tips for limitation of the cutting field. This would allow precise cutting of fine tissues without undue injury to nearby structures which are not intended to be cut ensuring constant visualization of sharp tips so not to dissect distal tissues.

Surtex manufactures one of the most comprehensive range of surgical scissors on the market today which extends across the following categories in addition to custom requirement. Tungsten carbide  supercut scissors, operating scissors, dissecting scissors, iris scissors, tenotomy scissors, titanium micro scissors, micro scissors, vascular scissors,micro vascular scissors, eye surgery scissors, micro ophthalmic scissors, ribbon scissors, facelift scissors, nasal scissors, tonsil scissors, gynecological scissors, episiotomy scissors, umbilical cord scissors, rectal scissors, bandage scissors, plaster shears, stitch scissors, wire cutting scissors, crown scissorsgum scissors, nail scissors, cartilage scissors, and bone shears