Stomach, Intestines & Rectum Instruments

Stomach, Intestines & Rectum Instruments

Stomach, Intestines & Rectum Instruments

Gastroenterology is a vast surgical field that mainly includes the digestive system. Numerous surgical instruments are employed to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as hemorrhoids, polyps, ulcers, perforations and cancer.Sometimes emergency situations such as acute appendicitis or a peptic ulcer perforation necessitates immediate surgery.

Surtex instruments manufactures a comprehensive range of stomach, intestine and rectum surgical instruments that you can use to help you with complex gastroenterology surgeries like appendectomy, colostomy, peptic ulcer repair, bowel resection, hemorrhoidectomy, biopsy and examination procedures.

Our range of instruments include:

Intestinal tissue grasping forceps, such as the commonly used Allis-Baby intestinal and tissue grasping forceps that grasp and isolates delicate and slippery structures like the intestinal wall during bowel resection surgery.

Atrauma intestinal tissue grasping forceps are used for holding and manipulating the delicate tissues such as the intestine or the peritoneal membrane during laparotomy and appendectomy procedures among others. They include the Collins Atrauma forceps which have special broad blades that cause minimal soft tissue trauma.

Intestinal clamps that are required to occlude the intestine and associated blood vessels to prevent bleeding during appendectomy, colostomy, duodenostomy and bowel resection surgeries. These include the commonly used Doyen’s intestinal clamp which has specially designed flat blades to effectively occlude the intestine and blood vessels.

Atrauma intestinal clamps such as the Mayo-Robson Atrauma intestinal clamp which has specially curved blades that grasp the intestinal wall and occlude it without damaging the soft tissue. They are effective during bowel resection surgeries, peptic ulcer perforation repair and during colostomy.

Rectal speculum such as the Czerny rectal speculum which is a simplified surgical instrument used per rectum to visualize the mucosa of the rectum.It is used to diagnose hemorrhoids, polyps, ulcers, cancers or to perform surgeries such as rectal biopsies and hemorrhoidectomy.

Anuscope is a diagnostic instrument that is inserted through the anus to visualize the anal mucosa to diagnose hemorrhoids or anal fissures.It can also be used to apply O-ring repairs or to suture anal fissures.They include the Hirschman anuscope which allows the surgeon to visualize the anal canal in detail.

Proctoscope such as the Kelly proctoscope is an instrument inserted into the rectum to visualize the mucosa of the anal canal, rectum and the sigmoid canal.It is used to diagnose hemorrhoids, rectal polyps and carcinoma.It is also often used in conjunction with rectal biopsy forceps to obtain rectal biopsies.

Rectoscope such as the Strauss rectoscope complete set is a diagnostic surgical instrument slightly longer than a proctoscope that is used to visualize the sigmoidal colon to diagnose hemorrhoids,Hirschsprung disease, polyps or bowel inflammatory disease.It is also used to obtain colon biopsies in suspected cases of colon cancer.

Rectal snares and hemorrhoidalligators are surgical instruments that ae used in conjunction with the hemorrhoidal forceps to ligate hemorrhoids in the rectum and anal canal.They include the McGivney suction hemorrhoidal ligator which contains a specialized suction mechanism for optimum visualization.

Rectal Biopsy forces includes the Yeoman Rectal biopsy forceps which is a slender device used to obtain rectal biopsies during suspected cases of rectal or colonic malignancies.

All of our gastro enteric surgical instruments are manufactured with premium, surgical grade, stainless.