Scalpels & Knives

Scalpels & Knives

Scalpels & knives

Historically as well as today, surgery has been the most body invasive treatment for different illnesses and conditions. This invasive nature of surgical procedures is due to the necessity to perform incisions on the body in order to reach the underlying organs and tissues which are being operated on.

Surgical scalpel or a knife is the traditional tool of choice for performing surgical incisions and tissue dissections.

The most important common characteristic of all surgical scalpels and knives is the exceptionally sharp blade. A broad range of surgical scalpels and knives is being used in modern day medical practice.

Surtex Instruments manufactures premium quality surgical scalpels and knives fora broad range of purposes, spanning from limb amputation to tonsillectomy and neurosurgery. Our state of the art manufacturing processes ensures sharpness and precision resulting in optimum surgical results.

Surtex Instruments range includes classic scalpel blades intended for general surgery as well as micro scalpel blades for more delicate procedures. Furthermore, we offer a selection of premium design, high end scalpel handles, surgical sharpening stones as well as blade holders, blade breakers and surgical razors.

Our range of popular knives includes trigeminal knives for micro vascular decompression surgery, durable autopsy knives, fistula knives, tonsil knives, highly rigid amputation knives, dissection knives and skin graft knives for even and reliable skin graft harvesting.

Scalpels and knives manufactured by Surtex Instruments with their impeccably sharp and precise blades ensure dependable and effective results whether they are used for cutting, puncturing or tissue separation. All our instruments are designed ergonomically to facilitate easy handling and exceed the highest industry standards.