Rhinology Instruments

Rhinology Instruments

 Rhinology Instruments

Rhinology is the medical field focused on the treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the nasal cavity and its sinuses. This involves the management of complex diseases and disorders such as extensive or recurrent chronic sinusitis, tumors of the sinus and nasal cavity, nose bleeds, nasal obstruction and nasal allergies.

Otolaryngologists perform many procedures to diagnose and treat this wide range of diseases and the field of rhinology has seen remarkable advances in the management of sinus and nasal disorders. 

Surtex Instruments recognizes that the complexity of nasal disorders is amplified due to the concealed and intricate anatomy of the nasal cavities. This precise anatomy requires a multitude of versatile tools that can cover all manipulations and patients, and allow for the formulation of individualized treatment plans tailored to meet the otolaryngologist’s specific needs. Our comprehensive range of rhinology instruments re available in a surplus of shapes and sizes to cover this broad spectrum of indications.

Surtex Instruments has manufactured instruments that are meticulously considered and crafted to provide a cleaner and more precise cut, preserve the mucosa, and minimize the trauma to adjacent structures during sinus surgery. Our instruments include nasal speculums that are used to provide better exposure in diagnostic and therapeutic rhinoscopies. We manufacture nasal polypus snares  and forceps that help duringnasal polyp excisions.

We also manufacture other types of forceps, such as ethmoid forceps designed for nasal sinus procedures and nasal cutting forceps  that are optimized for the removal of nasal masses. Our sphenoidal punches will suit your needs in sphenoid sinus surgeries. We also manufacture several diameters of sinus dilators that can be used in an out-patient capacity to provide low risk relief of frontal sinus pressure.

For rhinoplasty procedures, we manufacture rhinoplastic knives which are general purpose tools used for skin incisions and the elevation of tissue planes. We also manufacture nasal saws  for cutting bony tissues in plastic reconstructive surgery, bone files and rasps or the final smoothing of coarse bony protrusions and cartilage crushers which help shape cartilages for augmentation rhinoplasty. We have manufactured different instruments for the correction of the deviated nasal septum, such as the popular septum straightening forceps.

We also manufacture instruments for more invasive septoplasty procedures, such as septum knives which are designed for precise septal incisions, septum forceps which are designed to facilitate septum cartilage removal, septum elevators which are essential for the fair elevation of tissue flaps, septum chisels which are needed for the resection of the nasal septum, septum osteotomes which are designed for straight and deep cuts into bones and septum gouges which are used to shape bony surfaces in nasal reconstructive procedures.We also manufacture tools  that are versatile in different surgeries, such as periosteal elevators which are for the elevation of the periosteum over bones, and a broad diversity of nasal hooks and retractors which are indispensable traction instruments for better exposure in nasal surgeries. Antrum curettes are useful instruments for the extraction of soft tissue biopsies in pathologies of the nasal cavity and adenotomes are instruments used for the excision of the adenoids. All our Surtex Rhinology Instruments are manufactured from premium quality surgical grade materials and may be sterilized for repeated use in your in your diagnostic and therapeutic rhinology procedures.