Restorative Instruments

Restorative Instruments

Dental Restorative Instruments

Restorative instruments are commonly used during routine dental procedures to restore carious teeth, both in appearance and function, to as close as possible to natural teeth. At Surtex Instruments, successful outcomesare a result of our dedication towards product quality and service excellence.

We are a leading brand that crafts reliable dental restorative instruments and modifies them according to the working knowledge and skill of highly reputed dental surgeons and institutions worldwide. Surtex innovative restorative instruments are made by highly skilled craftsmen who deliver restorative equipment to exceed both dentist and patient expectations.

The instruments used during operative dentistry procedures are generally classified as

·         Exploring Instruments(such as mouth mirrors, cotton pliers, and explorers)

·         Instruments used for removal of tooth structure (including hand cutting, rotary cutting, and ultrasonic instrumentation)

·         Instruments used for restoring teeth(such as spatulas, plastic instruments, condensers, burnishers, and carvers)

The commonly used hand cutting instruments included in Surtex’s restorative range are excavators, chisels, hatchets, hoes, margin trimmers, and angle formers. We also offer delicate and flexible spatulas and modelling instruments (round and flat-end condensers) to place restorative material in relatively poorly accessible areas.

Knowledge of the main parts of these restorative hand instruments is important to achieve desired results. Hand cutting instruments are typically comprised of a handle, shank, blade, and cutting edge.The main parts of filling instruments are handle, shank, and nib. The operator can perform different functions with these instruments by holding them in pen grasp, inverted pen grasp, or palm and thumb grasp.

Surtex composite restorative instruments feature industry leading XTiNTM technology.

These instruments are handcrafted using titanium nitride coated tips to remarkably increase the hardness properties of the tips. OurXTiNTM Composite instruments have the benefits of being scratch and abrasion-resistant. They produce a more precise, smooth, and efficient restoration as there is no pull-back during manipulation of composite restorations.

Surtex amalgam restoration instruments are precision-engineered using high carbon stainless steel. The tips are ultra-polished and hardened which results in an aesthetically pleasing restoration.

At Surtex, all our instruments are ergonomically designed and are lightweight preventing stress to the operator’s hands. Our instruments with angulated or curved shanks allow easy access to the posterior and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Our range of blade measurements and shank lengths make it possible to use these restorative instruments for a variety of applications.