Probes, Cotton Applicators, Spatulas

Probes, Cotton Applicators, Spatulas

Probes, Cotton Applicators & Spatulas

Surtex Instrument probes are made to exacting standards and ideal for exploring wounds or body cavities and passages. Our precision-engineered cotton applicators fulfill a variety of applications whether it is to take samples of substances such as tissue from within the body or to apply medication to areas, which have been wounded.

Surtex cotton applicators always ensure that you have the right tool at hand to meet your objective.

Probes are surgical instruments commonly used in different types of surgery ranging from the colorectal surgery to endovascular surgery. The role of probes in surgery is to enable access or provide guidance to other surgical instruments in places which are otherwise not easily reachable. These places are usually deep, small, well hidden, blocked and not accessible wounds and body cavities. Probes are usually long and sleek surgical instruments and, because of their wide application in surgery, they are often named after their purpose or shape. Good examples of this are Fistula Probes, Vein Probes, Butterfly Probe and Probe with Eye.

The use of Cotton Applicators is very wide in surgery and medicine in general.

Some of these instruments can, in certain situations, also be used by patients themselves. Depending of their purpose, Cotton applicators come in different designs. They can be used for wound cleaning, tissue sampling, application of medication, collection of fluids, etc. Although these instrument’s design is based on a simple handle to which a cotton swab can be attached to, their shape, size and the material of which they are made of, may vary significantly. Among other premium cotton applicators, Surtex Instruments offers the Farrell Cotton Applicator with a round spiral or triangular end, as well as the Hartmann Cotton Applicator.

Surgical Spatulas are frequently used as dissectors in some neurosurgical procedures (brain tissue dissection) as well as in certain vascular procedures such as saphenectomy, the surgical removal of the saphenous vein.

These spatulas are usually small, solid made, handheld surgical instruments with a variety of blade and tip shapes. They can be curved or flat and also flexible. For some microsurgical procedures, especially in neurosurgery, very small spatula-dissectors are available.

Surtex Instruments offers a range of high quality spatulas for vascular surgery also known as Varices Instruments. This offer includes the Vanady Varix Instrument Phlebodissector and Vanady Varix Intrument Micro Dissector among others.

Probes, cotton applicators and spatulas found in Surtex Instruments catalogue are the ideal choice for medical professionals with a requirement for affordable quality instrumentation.