PRO-Lock™ & VUE-Safe™ Sterilization Solutions to Launch at IDSC 2015

London, England - 01 November 2015

Surtex Instruments will be launching two patented sterilization solutions for its Surticon range of container systems at the annual IDSC congress in Blackpool, UK
Product Demonstration of the the PRO-Lock™ system will be held at Hilton Hotel, Conference Room. The patented lock system is a heat activated re-usable automatic locking system developed in order to enhance sterilization controls, efficiency and minimize environmental damage caused by disposable plastic locks. The average temperature during sterilization is 135 °C and when the temperature rises to near 100 °C the automatic locking system is activated and the red shaft (see image) moves into position. This movement blocks the opening mechanism of the lid and prevents uncontrolled opening of the lid. The PRO-Lock™ system has been successfully tested up to 5,000 cycles without requiring service or maintenance and can be retrofitted to most brand containers.
Also on demonstration will be the VUE-Safe™ which attempts to solve the problem of confirming content sterilization inside the container without opening the container lid. In standard containers it is not possible to establish successful sterilization without opening the container lid. This poses a problem if the sterilization results outcome is negative and no alternative sets are available leading to unnecessary delay and patient discomfort. VUE-Safe™ solves this problem by installing a transparent PPSU polymer window (see image) which can hold an emulating indicator on the inside allowing CSSD staff to observe the results after cycle completion via the window on the container. In the event of negative results, the cycle can simply be repeated ensuring efficiency and maximum patient care.
A leading surgical instruments manufacturer, Surtex Instruments will also be demonstrating its full surgical instruments range which covers all major specialties’ such as General Surgery Instruments, GYN & Obstetrics, ENT instruments, Orthopedic & Trauma, Cardiovascular, Neurosurgery and Ophthalmic instruments.
Zak Khaliq, Director Sales and Marketing at Surtex Instruments, said: "There is tremendous demand for innovate and cost effective solutions by the NHS and Surtex Instruments is pleased to be at the forefront of catering to this demand. The UK market is tremendously important for Surtex as a home market and we continue to see exponential growth on the back of NHS drive for value for money procurement."

IDSC Annual Conference 15 will take place 30 Nov15-2nd Dec at Hilton Blackpool, United Kingdom.

About Surtex Instruments Ltd.
Surtex Instruments is a medical technology company recognized for innovation and excellence in the manufacture of surgical instruments. Their extensive product range has over 8,000 instruments for various specialties such as: General Surgery Instruments, GYN & Obstetrics, ENT instruments, Orthopedic & Trauma, Cardiovascular, Neurosurgery and Ophthalmic instruments. In addition to premium quality instruments their popular Surticon™ range of sterile container systems and accessories provides a complete sterilization solution. All Surtex instruments are CE approved and manufactured to standards exceeding ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN 13845:2012.