Periodontal Instruments

Periodontal Instruments

Periodontal Instruments

At Surtex Instruments, each periodontal instrument is meticulously crafted because acknowledge that instrument design and ergonomics can help dentists to perform at their optimum. Hand fatigue is a frequent problem facing dental professionals and if not managed can lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome which is medical condition due to compression of the median nerve as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel.

Our ergonomically handcrafted periodontal instruments are manufactured with sharp cutting tips to ensure removal of calculus deposits with a single stroke to prevent stressing the operator’s hands.

All Surtexperiodontal hand instruments are comprised ofa handle, shank, and working end. All design features are crafted from the beginning to help dental surgeons and periodontists optimize their performance and satisfy their patients with successful treatment.Surtex periodontal instruments come with great variations in the shank. Some tools have angled or curved shanks allowingaccess to hard-to-reach posterior areas.

The periodontal scalers and curettes remove supragingival and subgingival calculus respectively. To effectively treat and prevent recurrences of gingivitis and periodontitis, Surtex scalers and curettes feature our distinctive  distinctive Diamond EdgeTM   technology. This unique technology is created from a superior stainless steel alloy to help thecutting edges of periodontal instruments stay sharper andfunctional for longer periods of time.

These unique and ergonomically designed Surtex Diamond EdgeTM  scalers and curettes ensure complete removal of all supragingival and subgingival concretions.

A proper grasping technique is the key to obtaining desired results with exact control on movements made during periodontal instrumentation.

The modified pen grasp technique is ideal for almost all periodontal instruments. In this method, thumb, index finger, and middle finger hold the instrument like a pen with the pad of the middle finger resting on the shank. On contrary, side of the middle finger rests against the shank in standard pen grasp. The palm and thumb grasp is crucial during sharpening of Surtex periodontal instruments.

At Surtex, we classify periodontal instruments depending upon the function they perform:

·         Periodontal probes

Used for measuring and probing periodontal pockets.

·         Explorers

Used in periodontal conditions to locate calculus deposits.

·         Scaling, root-planning, and curettage instruments

Including sickle scalers, curettes, hoes, chisels, and file scalers.

The periodontal instruments included in our range are

·         Sickle Scalers

·         Curettes

·         Chisels & Hoes

·         Pocket Markers

·         Medicament Loops

·         Gingivectomy Knives

·         Universal Curettes

·         Periodontal Files

·         Papilla Elevators