Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic Instruments

Surtex Instruments has emerged as a leader in the orthodontic instruments market due to the company’s consistent track record of premium quality, durability, exceptional service and affordable pricing. We understand the duties and responsibilities upon orthodontist to create perfect smiles for their patients.

At Surtex Instruments our experienced and professionally competent team of craftsmen are dedicated to deliver on the surtax promise for quality and to keep pace with the latest innovations and advancements in the design features for orthodontic instruments.

Surtex orthodontic pliers feature our ULTRA GRIPXTM technology a favorite fordental professionals when the perfect grip matters. The main advantage of using ULTRA GRIP XTM pliers is their hardened and wear-resistant tungsten carbide jaw inserts, precision engineered with exemplary gripping properties.Surtex orthodontic pliers have a balanced box joint design and flawless tip alignment, allowing for smooth action and easy maneuvering inside the patient’s mouth without causing discomfort.

Surtex orthodontic cutters feature our spectacular ULTRA CUTTM technology, which feature  tungsten carbide inserts bonded on the cutting edge of these instruments. Our ULTRA CUTTM technology is superior in quality and hardness to stainless steel, increasing the life of these instruments to almost six times more than the industry standard.

Our orthodontic range includes, but is not limited to, the following products:

 Orthodontic Pliers and Cutters(Weingart utility pliers, How utility pliers, wire bending pliers, loop forming pliers, arch forming pliers, distal end cutters, hard wire cutters, tip back pliers, force module separating pliers, Jarabackwire forming pliers, Adam’s plier, and bird beak pliers)  Debonding Instruments(bracket removers and adhesive removing pliers)  Ligature Instruments(Ligature directors, ligature tie wires, ligature tie wire pliers, Coon pliers, orthodontic ligature scalers, and ligature cutters) Banding Instruments(band seaters, band seating pliers, band pushers, band contouring pliers, band removing pliers, and band pushers)     Archwire and Wire Instruments(wire twisting instruments and Babcock suture wire)    Gauges and Dividers(Boley gauges, Boone gauges, crown gauges, and spring bow dividers)

Surtex is well-known for providing orthodontists with ultra-modern, comfortable, and highly effective state-of-the-art orthodontic instruments to correct malocclusion and beautify smiles of children, teens, and adults. Our lightweight yet strong, ergonomically designed handles enable orthodontists to firmly grasp instruments without any hand fatigue throughout the length of entire orthodontic procedure. The phenomenal finish and design features of working ends prevents traumatising the patient’s soft tissues.