OEM Orthopedic Instruments

OEM Orthopedic Instruments

OEM Orthopedic Instrumentation

Surtex Instruments is a well established OEM Orthopedic Solutions provider. Our reputation is built on successful partnerships with world renowned OEM implant manufacturers. The backbone of our success is adding value consistently for our clients by delivering class leading product quality from design to volume production at cost effective price point.

Design & Prototyping

If you are in the process of designing a new medical instrument and need to develop proto types for market testing, then Surtex can assist you from design to volume manufacture. We are able to advise on the best materials and manufacturing methods to ensure your idea has the best chance of adoption commercially through economical manufacturing solutions. Surtex design team utilize the latest CAD CAM and Solid Works.


A gradual trend can be observed where Medical device industry manufacturing requirements are becoming more demanding and complex from both machining and regulatory perspective. At Surtex we welcome this trend and maintain a system of quality assurance that exceeds the requirements of ISO 13485 & 9001. We are subjected to periodical audits by SGS UK who act as our notified body and certification partner.

We maintain traceability of all materials from receipt through to order shipment as a standard procedure. Throughout the manufacturing process each component is subjected to visual zoom magnification inspection to ensure quality is maintained at all steps. State of the Art finishing and polishing & deburring processes ensure that all components are free from burrs and to exact client specifications.

Precision Production

At Surtex we specialize in machining incredible products from incredible designs that contribute to improved patient health care. We are able to work with a wide variety of surgical grade stainless steels such as 316LVM, 455, 465 and Titanium alloy. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, like our 5-axis milling systems and multi-axis Swiss lathes, Surtex is capable of production to the most exacting tolerances.


As we manufacture to client specifications each product is unique and made to custom designs. As a general overview we routinely manufacture items falling the in the following product groups:

Solid & Cannulated Drills & Reamers, Bone Drills, cannulated Drills, Peg Drills, Tibia Drills, Femoral Drills, IM (Intermedullary) Drills, Bayonet Drills, cannulated Reamers, Taper Reamers, Femoral Reamers, Metatarsal (Toe) Reamers, Phalangeal (Toe) Reamers, Glenoid Reamers, IM (Intermedullary) Reamers, Tibia Resection Guides, Femoral Cutting Guides, Lag Screws, Guide Wires, Nails, Cutting Blocks, Drill Guides, Depth Stops, Patella Clamp, Introducers, Femoral Rasps, Metacarpal Rasps (Finger), Ulna Rasps (Elbow), Calcar Cutters, Humeral Surface Cutters, Screwdrivers, Universal Joint Screwdrivers, Tee Handles, Bone Taps, Bone Screws, Trephines, Chisels, Curettes, Trial Cups, Trial Heads, Trial Liners, Trial Knees etc.