Obstetrics Instruments

Obstetrics Instruments

Obstetric Instruments

Obstetrics is an advanced field of medicine catering to the mother and the unborn baby by employing different surgical techniques for their benefit. There is an entire range of specialized obstetric instruments that aid in different obstetric procedures such as caesarian section, dilatation and evacuation, operational vaginal delivery and obstructed labor.

We provide a variety of obstetric instruments used in the treatment of the female reproductive system. They are specially designed for the management of the female reproductive system during pregnancy and childbirth. Our specialized obstetric instruments range includes the following

Pelvimeters, employed to decipher the size of the maternal pelvis to ascertain whether childbirth should proceed via vaginal delivery or caesarian section. These include different patterns of pelvimeters including the popular deleepelvimeter, which is used for internal pelvimetry through the female rectum.

Obstetrical forceps, which are used to expedite the delivery of the fetus in cases of maternal morbidity or mortality or fetal distress to save the life of the baby and the mother. Surtex obstetric forceps are available in different designs such as the popular Simpsons forceps, also called the mid cavity forceps, which is used to extract the fetus from the mid pelvis when the uterine effort is insufficient for procession.

Obstetrical lever, these are specialized levers used along with forceps to maximize the effort of traction and draw the fetus along the path of least soft tissue resistance, during a forceps delivery in cases of APH, Maternal hypertension or fetal distress.

Our range of obstetric levers includes the specialized Bill traction handle, which is attached to the finger grip of the standard forceps to aid in traction of the fetus through the birth canal.

Uterine Clamps are employed to hold the thick walled uterus during caesarian section. They are also used to hold and separate the peritoneal layers during abdominal surgery. A commonly used obstetric clamp is the Green Armytage uterine clamp, which is employed during cesarean sections to hold the narrow angles of the thick walled uterus to restrict its movement and prevent bleeding.

Placenta and ovum forceps, used for the extraction of the retained placenta in the uterine cavity after vaginal delivery, cesarean section, dilatation, and evacuation. One commonly used placental forceps is the winter placental forceps used to ensure removal of all parts of the placenta from the uterine cavity after delivery of the fetus.

Placenta scoops are used for removing placental tissue and growths from the uterus or from the body cavities. The Cuzzi placental scoop is a popular obstetric instrument used to remove any retained placental tissue from the uterine cavity during caesarian sections and dilatation and evacuation procedures.

Perforators, such as the Nagele perforator are lifesaving obstetric instruments, which are used to perforate the fetal skull or body cavities for embryotomy, craniotomy or evisceration of a stillbirth during obstructed labor to save the mother’s life.

Decapitating hooks such as the bulbed Braun decapitating hook are obstetric surgical instruments used in destructive procedures to perform a fetal craniotomy on a stillbirth via the birth canal during obstructed labor to expedite delivery and save the mother’s life.

Basiotribes and Cranioclasts include the multipurpose Trainer basiotribe that is used to crush the base of the fetal skull of a stillbirth and extract the fetal head through the birth canal.

Umbilical cord clamps such as the Collins umbilical cord clamp is used to permanently replace the ligature on the umbilical cord after delivery of the baby.

It is used to compress and secure the umbilical cord until the stump falls off.

All of Surtex surgical instruments are manufactured with precision control with particular focus on reliability and quality. They are made with premium surgical grade stainless steel, which is processed and polished to have an ultra- fine surface.