Hooks & Retractors

Hooks & Retractors

Hooks and Retractors

Surtex Instruments manufactures a variety of premium grade quality hooks and retractors, produced using surgical grade materials and high quality manufacturing processes with adherence to and exceeding international ISO norms.

Retractors are used for retracting the tissue surrounding the wound or a surgical incision. When the subject of surgical intervention is a body part to which the approach is blocked by underlying organs or tissue, the retractors are used to hold back those organs or tissue and enable the surgeon full access and visualization of the subject.

Although many retractors are self-retaining or can be clamped in one place so they don’t need to be held, traditionally, most retractors are quite simple hand-held instruments that vary significantly in shape and size.

Retractors also include spatulas, such as abdominal spatulas, while certain retractors used for forceful tissue separation are referred to as spreaders.

Good examples of these are wound spreaders and lamina spreaders.

Hooks are a group of hand-held retractors comprised of a curved or hooked blade and a handle. In some terminology, all retractors whose blade is of a smaller or equal width as the handle, regardless of their shape, are referred to as hooks. Delicate hooks, skin hooks and nerve hooks offered by Surtex instruments are the prime examples of quality made surgical instruments which are manufactured for precision, efficiency and effective use.

Application of hooks and other retractors in modern surgery is very wide and there can hardly be a surgical procedure performed without the use of any of these instruments. From highly complex spinal or cardio surgery to the simplest dermatological and cosmetic interventions, the use of hooks and retractors has proven to be essentially necessary.

Retractors manufactured by Surtex Instruments cover a wide range of applications in a variety of surgical procedures. Our principles of ergonomics, precision and efficiency are applied consistently on hand held, self-retaining and table mounted chest retractors. The blades and teeth are designed to provide for a smooth, non-traumatic grip of even the most delicate tissue.

In addition to the mentioned above lid retractors, saddle hooks, abdominal spatulas, wound retractors, bladder and prostate retractors, are well known examples found in the Surtex product range.

Experience and skill of the surgeon are of the utmost importance, regardless of the type of surgical operation being performed, but the use of state of the art, precise, sharp and reliable surgical instruments is necessary for ensuring a quick and non-traumatic procedure with optimum postoperative results.