Gynecology Instruments

Gynecology Instruments

Gynecology Instruments

Obstetrician-gynaecologists are physicians who possess special knowledge, skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of the female reproductive system and associated disorder.

Surtex instruments manufacturers a complete range of gynaecology instruments from premium grade stainless steel. Our range includes but is not limited to.

made vaginal speculums, endocervical speculums, uterine dilators, sounds, depressors and curettes, tenaculum forceps, cervical biopsy punches,uterine polypus forceps, uterine seizing forceps, myoma instruments, fistula instruments and IUD instruments.

Surtex Instruments vaginal speculums provide specialists with a superior and essential tool for vaginal examination as well as visualization these instruments are used  during procedures such as cervical cerclage, conization, exploratory curettage, tumor and polyp removal, etc.

High quality endocervical speculums made by Surtex Instruments facilitate the examination of the cervical canal during procedures like colposcopy.

Uterine sounds and dilators provide cervical dilatation and uterine visualization during myomectomy and child delivery procedures.

Our Quality uterine depressors and tenaculum forceps are a popular choice for manipulation of tissue inside the uterine cavity in order to provide access during surgical procedures such as tumor and polyp removal, aspiration curettage and intrauterine device insertion.

Surtex hand crafted uterine polypus forceps, uterine seizing forceps and myoma instruments, are commonly utilized for polyp and benign uterus tumor (myoma) removal.

Our Fistula instruments such as conization knives and fistula hooks are used routinely during fistula repair procedures and cold cervical conization.

Surtex Instruments’ cervical biopsy punches and uterine curettes with their super sharp tips always ensure an atraumatic cervical tissue sample collection for biopsy purposes.

Application of our intrauterine device instruments (forceps, cannulas and hooks) is common during IUD and pessary insertion and extraction.

Obstetrician-gynaecologists consistently recommend Surtex Instruments to their colleagues due to our reputation for quality instruments and aftercare service for our products