Dressing & Plaster Instruments

Dressing & Plaster Instruments

Dressing and Plaster Instruments

Fiberglass casts and plaster are commonly used in orthopedic surgery for treating bone fracture. Removal of these casts following treatment requires the use of surgical tools and instruments.Most of these instruments fall under several categories such as plaster shears, plaster knives, plaster saws (manual and electric) and plaster spreaders.

Plaster shears are sharp and rigid, scissor-like instruments used for bandage or plaster removal.

These instruments are designed to ensure safe and non-traumatic application, minimalizing the risk of injury to the patient. Blades are usually short and strong while the handles are made longer to provide leverage for efficient cutting of thick and hardened materials. The overall size of plaster shears varies depending on their purpose. For thinner materials, small plaster shears are used which are usually equipped with finger ring handles, resembling classic scissors.For thicker materials, larger plaster shears are suitable which usually have two separate plier-like shanks for additional force.

Plaster knives and plaster saws have a purpose common to plaster shears but are typically used for more delicate plaster removal procedures. Plaster knives come in different designs but are usually made with short, strong and very sharp blades to facilitate effective plaster puncturing.

Plaster saws, both manual and electrical, are used for cutting especially hardened casts with great strength and precision. Electrical plaster saws are equipped with non-rotating, vibrating blades to avoid the risk of causing injury to the patient.

Plaster spreaders are surgical tools utilized in the process of plaster removal. In their basic form, these are strong and rigid plier-shaped instruments which are inserted through a cut made in the plaster and then used to split open the cast facilitating its removal.

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