Dental Surgery & Extraction Instruments

Dental Surgery & Extraction Instruments

Dental Surgery & Extraction Instruments

Surtex dental extraction instruments are the premium choice for clinics with a focus on cost-effective, ergonomically designed, and precision engineered instruments. Whether it is a routine simple extraction or a complicated impacted tooth removal, these extraction instruments are the first choice of oral surgeons and general dentists worldwide.

Our extraction instruments feature superior tactile sensation mechanisms and innovative designs to reduce tissue trauma during procedures, thereby reducing patient discomfort and pain post-operatively.

Every single instrument included in our range of dental extraction instruments is manufactured with premium quality surgical-grade stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and can be autoclave-sterilized for years of repeated use.

Surtex manufactures lightweight and ergonomic tooth extraction forceps that are unparalleled due to our exclusive XTRAC technology. These extraction forceps feature a Teflon disc that is temperature resistance of +250oC.  In addition, the ergonomic design and smooth controlled movement ensures perfect grip and power transfer to remove teeth quicklyand with minimal stress to the dentist’s hands.

Surtex aims to manufacture instruments that help dental professionals achieve successful clinical outcomes. Our instruments for exodontia are crafted with a focus on the critical design features and attention to detail. We understand that an atraumatic tooth extraction is dependent on the contact area between the tooth and forceps. Surtex forceps with non-slipping serrated beaks are specially designed to provide adequate subgingival access to enhance grip and maintain the integrity of alveolar bone through facilitation of atraumatic tooth extraction.Surtex extraction forceps have a handle, hinge, and beak.

The handles are of ample size for a comfortable grip during the exertion of force to remove a tooth.

Our XTRAC forceps feature a mirror finish to make them corrosion-resistant. A major difference in the design of our forceps is between the American-type forceps and English-type forceps. The American-type forceps have a horizontal hinge and are completely polished so that no pin remains visible; on the contrary, the English-type forceps have a vertical hinge with prominent pins or screws in the hinge area. We also manufacture diamond-coated forceps

Surtex root elevators have a fine tapering blade which compresses the alveolar bone and luxates the tooth before usingforceps. These are critical extraction instruments employed by dentists to cut the membrane to easea tooth from its socket.

The major design features of Surtex elevators includea handle, shank, and blade.

Our comprehensive range of extraction instruments includes

·         Dental Aspirating Syringes

·         Dental Root Elevators

·         Tooth Extraction Forceps

·         Periodontal Knives

·         Periodontal Curettes

·         Periodontal Files

·         Periodontal Chisels

·         Dental Periotomes

·         Dental Curettes

·         Bone Spreading Osteotomes

·         Bone Pushers

·         Bone Graft Instruments

·         Periosteal Raspatories and Elevators