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Ophthalmic Instruments

Ophthalmology involves the care of eye conditions in patients of all ages from premature neonates right through to the elderly. The range of conditions encountered in ophthalmology is wide - trauma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, congenital and genetic eye problems.

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  • Surtex realizes that ophthalmology is an extremely specialized field, which places the highest demands on its surgeons therefore Surtex Ophthalmic instruments are meticulously designed, lightweight, non-corrosion, rust-proof titanium and stainless steel to ensure perfect ergonomics for the surgeons hand.

  • Our offering includes a broad range of instruments for anterior and posterior eye segment surgeries. At your disposal are meticulously crafted eye surgery forceps, scissors, cannulas, knives, diamond knives, phaco choppers, needle holders available as stand alone instruments or in the form of procedure sets for Glaucoma, Enucleation and Cataract etc.