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Surtex mission is to develop and manufacture instruments that help world class surgeons operate at their optimum enabling safer and positive outcomes and help restore patient health.

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  • Surticon™ Sterile Container System

    Surtex Surticon™ containers offers Central Service and Operating Room Managers a simple and reliable system for managing instrument processing, storage and aseptic transport.

    Swisslite™ LED Illuminated Tongue Depressor

    Innovative design combines simplicity of tongue depressor with power of LED penlight.

  • Surtex Expansys™ II Skin Graft Mesher

    The Surtex Expansys™ II mesher is engineered to provide precision, convenience, and dependability in surgical skin grafting procedures.

    Surtex Xtrac™ Tooth Extraction Forceps

    Surtex Xtrac™ tooth extraction forceps are ergonomic and lightweight to provide the perfect grip and power to dental professionals.

  • Surtex Instruments Podiatry Range

    Our perfectly crafted podiatry instruments at competitive prices ensure value for money and satisfied patients each and every time.

    Surtex XEdge™ Scissors Range

    Surtex scissors are renowned for their XEdge™ technology enabling users to experience a new dimension in cutting and dissecting performance.

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